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Binia font
Binia is an experimental and playful display font. It contains two different character sets. One set you will find as Lowercase, second under uppercase + several alternates. Mix as you like. Its contain Europenian diacritics. Read: Eula Check open type features
Fake bugs put in wax jonquils drive him crazy
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Cnabel font
Cnabel, is a display font inspired by the Art Nouveau movement, particularly by Slovenian book illustration from the period. It’s a modern interpretation that took some characteristic features. It has no contrast, large x-height, and rather wide proportions. The typeface feels constructed and futuristic, but at the same time, it has sinuous round lines that provide an organic feel. Its unconventional shapes guarantee a unique design experience. Good for posters, branding, headlines, logotypes, covers. Easy to use, fits nicely to different materials, attracts attention. It supports European languages, has alternates characters, OpenType features, and ligatures. It’s in 3 weights: thin, regular, and bold. It’ contains 357 glyphs.
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Liba font
Liba is reversed and high-contrast script. Elegant and bold at the same time. Perfect to catch attention. At the moment contains uppercase, European diacritics, number, and limited punctuation signs. Read: Eula Check open type features
Jim quickly realized that the beautiful gowns are expensive.
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Tola font
Tola is a modern, reversed weight, experimental display font with a spirit of the 70s. Looks better in large size but in smaller thanks to thick bottom makes also interesting effect. It’s based on my letter shape experiment. I was drawing one single letter in the hope to find interesting results. I started Tola font with the letter “G” and based on that shape I created the rest of the alphabet. Tola looks good in modern graphics. It contains uppercase, numbers, some punctuation signs, and is multilingual. Perfect for logos, posters, and social media graphics that need a super superhero with a sentimental touch. Read: Eula Check open type features
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Typek font
Typek is a sans serif typeface for the lovers of minimal design and great curves. Typek outlines' professional shapes are perfect for large display usage.. Perfect for branding, posters, web and publications. The idea is to treat the letters' stroke create absorbing and interlaced shape. The design of small interfering in letters' construction makes Typek unique. Typek contains uppercase, diacritics and digits. The Typek Family is in two versions: Regular and Outline. Outline version can be an interesting addition and decoration for the Regular version.
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Zania typeface
Zania is a display typeface. Its characteristic element is cutting in the stem that makes this font very memorable and easy to recognize. Contains stylistic alternates, ligatures, diacritics, and OpenType features that will help you make your project more unique. Has an experimental vibe and nice movement from left to the right thanks to serifs placed in the top left and bottom right part of the letter. It has smooth edges that make it look more friendly. The letter contrast is high. Looks good in logotypes, branding, magazine titles, book covers, posters.
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