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I’m in love with type since 2009. I explored a lot through this time and I’m sharing here some cool typo resources. I will update it systematically!

Maybe you will find here something interesting for yourself. Only stuff for free or at a super affordable price.

A lot of very good resources you can find on YouTube. Just check @atypi_org@typographicsnyc@typewknd,channels. So much goodness totally for free.

It is always worth checking type designers and lettering artist shops. Sometimes they sell not only fonts etc. but also ebooks about their process. Pure treasure and so fun to watch!

@domestika or @skillshare are very good in the case of smaller, quicker forms of learning. (For example: more advanced on Domestika: „Typography for Designers: Create Fonts for the Marketplace” by Thomas Jockin, for beginners on Skillshare: Create Fonts on Your iPad in iFont in a Few Easy Steps + 3 Free Fonts by Liz Kohler Brown)

From books, I briefly can recommend 2: Karen Cheng “Designing with Type” and “How to create typefaces” by Laura Meseguer, Cristóbal Henestrosa, and José Scaglione

Also very good resources:

@glyphsapp has a lot of great tutorials in their section: Learn.

Very good to participate in: @alphabettes_org mentorship program.

And Martina Flor newsletter for dessert. Sign in! You won’t regret it!

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